TPP / Concept test

Our client said...

"The results from the research have been very well received. As a result of your work, the organization has now decided to pursue the opportunity in Europe as well as in the U.S."

Manager, Global Market Research

The product area

  • New in-licensing pharma product for a urological condition

The challenge

  • To assess the market potential and likely positioning of the product in Europe

  • To identify the key benefits and drawbacks of the product from the customer’s perspective

The approach

  • IDIs in a central location in each country supplemented by a series of TDIs

  • Purdie Pascoe project lead attended central location fieldwork

  • Experienced local moderators extensively briefed to conduct the interviews

Purdie Pascoe value added

  • Therapy area expertise

  • Qualitative capabilities

  • Extensive experience in TPP / concept testing

  • Good working relationship with both EU-based and US-based client teams

  • Presentation to senior level clients in both the EU and US