Your Medical Market Research Agency

Purdie Pascoe can offer you a bespoke global healthcare market research agency service. Purdie Pascoe's responsibilities will begin at the proposal stage and if successful we will design the project materials, and move into fieldwork. Throughout this process we communicate with the client.

We are experienced in the healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.

Why Purdie Pascoe?

Why choose us as your medical market research company?

We are capable of providing quantitative analysis and programmatic reports in-house, while maintaining a capable team of experienced qualitative researchers. Take a look at the pages below for further information and contact us if you'd like to discuss how your sample size could be affected by the niche you're researching, and the budget available for your medical market research project.

We will put together an thorough report as a reliable reference material to use months or years after the market research project has been concluded. We'll also produce an 'executive summary' report which is quick to interpret and understand.

Deliverables and communication

Please contact us for further information on how we can support your market research needs.