Purdie Pascoe is based in London and Chicago. We regularly work for leading global medtech and pharma companies.

Client testimonials

  • "Strong reports and impressive delivery of presentations."
    Marketing Research Manager

  • "The strengths that I have seen are an ability to take a product concept and tease out the reactions to it, both the good and the not so good. That is good, but more of an entry ticket in your field than a unique selling point. The USP that I have seen is an ability to bring the story of the reaction to the product, and why the reaction is what it is, back into my business in a way that generates credibility and trust. That might seem like an obvious thing to you, but I would not be comfortable that any and every market research agency would deliver the same credibility with my stakeholders."
    Strategy Leader

  • "PP is one of the best agencies I have worked with. You have the ‘bigger agency’ market research experience and yet intimately small to best adjust to clients' needs."
    Manager, Global Market Research

Client Testimonial

  • "I know that I can take an exploratory product concept to you and get good information on how it will be received."
    Strategy Leader