Medical Device Market Research & Pharmaceutical Market Research

We work with global medtech and pharma companies from our headquarters in London, UK.

We focus on medical device market research, as well as diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.
We conduct qualitative and quantitative medical market research worldwide with our international research partners.

We offer medical market research across most product and therapy areas. Our particular areas of market research expertise are diagnostics, implantable devices, surgical equipment, interventional procedures, drug delivery and procurement.

We have a specialised Pharma market research practice driven by Carolyn Chamberlain and Debbie Higham.

Our core market research expertise within pharma are ophthalmology, neurology and urology although we would encourage you to contact us regarding any pharmaceutical market research project.

Medical Market Research Project Design


Our approach to project design

The first thing to consider when designing a medical market research project is to choose between qualitative and quantitative methods.

Qualitative research will provide exploratory, non-numerical data while a quantitative approach will reveal trends and measurable data.

After choosing the suitable approach and sample size, the next step would be to determine the objectives of the study.


 Global Medical Market Research Services


Medical Device Market Research

The medical device and diagnostics industry (medtech) can be categorized in dozens of ways and divided into hundreds of distinct fields, but the majority of the product and therapy areas in which we regularly work can be placed in one of the following groups: diagnostics, implantable devices, surgical equipment, drug delivery and interventional procedures.

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Pharmaceutical Market Research

Our recent pharma experience includes ophthalmology, neurology and urology. The team’s experience prior to Purdie Pascoe covers nearly all therapeutic areas. We have seen the importance of drug delivery devices continue to increase which is why we set up a specialised pharma practice led by Debbie Higham.

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Quantitative Healthcare Market Research

Purdie Pascoe offers a wide array of quantitative solutions where applicable, including conjoint, segmentation and pricing techniques. We have extensive experience of designing, implementing and interpreting multivariate exercises, working with statistics experts where necessary – in particular Gary Bennett (The Stats People).

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Qualitative Healthcare Market Research

The Purdie Pascoe team is made up of accomplished interviewers and moderators with experience in a wide range of topics, techniques and formats. Where necessary we work with a trusted network of experienced healthcare moderators in local markets.

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